About Us

Down to Earth Forest School was created by Carol Barrett and Kerry Walker, to support communities in connecting with nature through play, music and natural crafts.

Down to Earth aims to offer Forest School sessions for all ages and abilities.

What is Forest School?
Forest School is a way of working with children outdoors, helping them learn, whilst developing physically, emotionally and socially and forming an appreciation and respect for the environment. The sessions are child-led and child-initiated and aim to allow the child to follow their own interests and develop at their own pace.




Carol Barrett

Carol loves nature and spends a lot of time in the garden growing vegetables or walking in the woods with her dog.  She has been doing music exploration classes with children for over 10 years, as well as art and craft classes.

She is a Special needs assistant and a qualified forest school leader with remote first aid care. 

Carol loves nothing better than making crafts and singing in the woods.

Kerry Walker

Kerry Walker's love for nature and art has brought her on creative journey's around the world.

She has facilitated arts programmes in Spain, India, Guatemala and Chile,  with a focus using art as a tool for integration and awareness.

Now in Galway, and qualified as a Forest School Leader and an Art Therapist,  she is ready to integrate her learnings through Down To Earth Forest School.


She is looking forward to putting on her wellies and getting stuck in the mud!

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